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KINGDOM EMPIRE NONPROFIT (501 3c) is located in business district of Arlington, Texas. Minister Royalti Marie Morgan is the Founder & President, she brings over 25 years of experience to the organization. A highly acclaimed business woman, “Royalti Marie” has overcome anxiety, depression, and homelessness to achieve financial stability. She educates others on “The Transfer of Wealth,” transforming their passions into profitable ventures by turning obstacles into opportunities through Kingdom of God principles. Her reach extends worldwide, spreading the message of deliverance to those facing handships. She has dedicated her life to empowering others and advancing the Kingdom of God.

OUR MISSION: Extends to spreading the message of deliverance to those facing hardship, church hurt, burnout, or simply going through the motions of ministry and have lost their zeal, she aims to impact “A Global Change & Take Healing To Nation”!

KINGDOM BANNER MESSAGE : God’s favor has opened numerous doors for Royalti Marie, granting her insights into achieving deliverance and freedom. She has an end-time “Voice-2b-Heard.” She embodies Matthew 6:25 -34, Do Not Worry” living a life dedicated to seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, so that all these things will be added to you. Her mission is to save the lost and set the captives free from financial struggles, depression, anxiety, generational curses, and overthinking, helping them to stop dwelling on potential problems or past pain. She aims to cultivate a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, beyond mere religious or head knowledge, focusing on a powerful and transformative lifestyle.”

For all her accomplishments and blessings, she gives all glory to God her Abba Father & CEO “Christ Executive Office”, King Jesus Christ, & Holy Spirit. Shalom!

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Kingdom Empire Nonprofit is more than just a church organization—it’s a way of life. We connect individuals who are dedicated to achieving spiritual maturity, healing and ongoing growth, whether in their personal lives or through the kingdom. Our ministry supports other ministries, faith-based organizations, and communities, promoting outreach and impact worldwide.

With a rich history rooted in a commitment to excellence, we stand as a steadfast ally to ministry leaders, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their calling. Through our meticulously crafted Seminary courses, we empower leaders to pursue higher education, equipping them with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of modern ministry with confidence and grace.

OUR MISSION: Extends beyond mere education; it encompasses a dedication to fostering spiritual growth, healing, and practical life skills. Through our multifaceted Royalti Ministry Outreach platform, we leverage various resources such as podcasts, digital media, books, and online courses to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking enlightenment and transformation. From advancing spiritual maturity to teaching Radical Faith and discipleship to the lost, we are committed to nurturing Ambassadors’ Leadership and imparting Kingdom principles that resonate deeply with the souls of our community.

Through our Ambassadors we builds disciples leaders, we offer members exclusive access to special events & workshops. This program fosters a community of Kingdom Empire Ambassadors committed to advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Chris




Join your Ministry or Organization to Kingdom Empire (KE) Radicl Faith Believers & Ambassadors Leadership.
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Community Events

Attend Kingdom (KE) you’ll are invite guest by Royalti Ministries Outreach to ongoing KCC Events, Services, Concerts, & Much, Much, More.

Ministry Support

Supporting Royalti Ministres Outreach meet our Prayer Warriors Houston Team, Soul Sisters@Heart Ambassadors.

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Kingdom Empire Institue

Join our Radical Faith Believers’ Discipleship

Radical Faith Discipleship

Discipleship is the intentional process of following Jesus and helping others do the same. Learn what discipleship means, how it happens and why it matters from a biblical perspective.

Kingdom Empire Institute

Kingdom Empire Institute prepares you for the Ambassadors certification program, which assists pastors and leaders in realizing their local church vision. By enrolling leaders and volunteers in various certification programs, we equip them for more effective functions in ministry. These certifications can also be used as credits toward an accredited degree. Additionally, our self-paced online courses allow you to earn college credits for your degree, ministry license, ordination, and certification


Participate in kingdom business events, seminars, church services, and concerts. Connect with like-minded individuals through kingdom events and community outreach programs.

Ignite Your Kingdom Vision



Outreach Community Group

Join a community of passionate individuals committed to advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

VIP Exclusive Events Access

Gain exclusive access to classes, training, events, and resources designed for spiritual growth.

Impact Global Change

Join Global Network who are supporting other ministries, communities faith-based, small businesses, organizations, and communities worldwide through our outreach programs.

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Become a Ambassador of Kingdom Empire Nonprofit and unlock exclusive resources to support your spiritual ministry or faith-based organization journey.

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