Royalti Marie Outreach

Our Services

Ambassadors Program

Our Ambassadors program offers members exclusive access to classes, training sessions, and workshops that foster a community of Kingdom discipleship-makers committed to advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Community Events

As part of the Royalti Marie Ministries, our Radical Faith Believers’ Discipleship Community creates meaningful relationships among like-minded individuals. Members can attend various Kingdom events.

Ministry Support

Our ministry supports other ministries, faith-based organizations, and communities, promoting outreach and impact worldwide. We provide resources, guidance, and collaboration opportunities to strengthen the impact of other mission-driven organizations. Our Global Movement help minister-2- ministers to restore the Body of Christ. Let’s Meet Our Seattle Prophetic Ambassadors Team.

Outreach Programs

Through our outreach, “The Footsteps of Jesus Christ Tours & Jordan River Baptism,” we aim to make a positive impact on supporting Israeli communities. We engage in various initiatives, tours, seminars focusing on areas such as education, counseling, poverty alleviation, and social justice. Our Dallas, Kansas City, and Las Vegas Ambassadors in the Jordan River Baptism.

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